Science Fiction is Not Fiction

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It is well known that Shakespeare often borrowed the plots for his plays from historical accounts and classical texts. What has not been known until now is that many of the popular book and film franchises of today have also been developed based on existing sources. Most would be shocked to learn that these existing sources are (in a sense) from other historical accounts. The public assumes that movies like “The Avengers”, “Harry Potter”, “Star Wars” and others are pure fiction. Hollywood and the book publishers are happy to allow this misconception. While audiences assume they are viewing simple escapist fare, they are actually watching what could better be described as historical recreations or documentaries – just not of this world.

As a result of literally minutes of work by our staff of investigative journalist, NQN now has evidence that exposes the true stories behind the cinematic blockbusters of today. They are all based on real events and real people (if you include aliens and artificial life forms under the label of “real people”). In other words, what we are being led to believe is “Science Fiction” or “Fantasy” would be better described as “Science Fact.”

There are a combination of aliens, people from the future, mutants, super heroes, monsters and super villans all living among us. While it is unclear how they came to our world in this particular time it is now known that a few clever people in our entertainment industry came across these visitors and have for many years using their other-worldly experiences as seed maerial for comics, novels, film and television shows. One successful scriptwriter (who choose to remain anonymous) has told us that he has been using the diaries and journals of these visitors as the basis of dozens of screenplays. As a result he has enjoyed a lucrative career as well as two Nickelodean Kids Choice Awards. He admitted that, “It is much easier to use the visitors exploits in space or other dimensions than it is to come up with something on my own.”

There is an old adage that says the best place to hide something is in plain sight. For reasons of their own, the visitors choose to remain hidden even as they live among us. You might be living next door to one of them right now. In the course of their day to day living, they use a combination of disguise, diversion and dissembling to remain invisible. All of this deception requires effort and energy so from time to time they like to let down their hair (or tentacles as the case may be) and relax. We first learned of the presence of the visitors during one of these extraterrestrial family reunions.

To relax with their own kind and drop any pretense of normality, the visitors started a series of fan conventions beginning in 1939 with the World Science Fiction Convention and expanding to include Dragon Con in Atlanta, Comic-Con in San Diego, and others. The genius of this arrangement is that the visitors can attend as they really are – without the makeup and costumes that they use to hide in our neighborhoods. The visitors convinced a group of enthusiastic humans (aka “earth-normals”) to put on costumes and imitate their favorite characters from Science Ficton and Fantasy works. Once the earth-normal fans began doing this in sufficient numbers the visitors could shed their human appearances and walk around in (or in some cases mostly out of) the clothes of their home world, dimension or shire.

The following photos taken at a recent Dragon Con in Atlanta show some of these visitors as they allow themselves a short vacation from their life of pretense.


Can you spot the visitor(s) in this photo? [hint: There are two. One is practicing her telepathic powers on a group of unsuspecting earth-normals in costumes. The other is trying to stare down a cat.]



These two visitors are shown relaxing in apparel that would be considered “business casual” on their home world.


These youth wanted to hang out with friends but their parents made them come to this “family reunion.” Their expressions communicate the universal feelings of teenagers across the galaxy.


While most visitors come from more advanced civilizations than our own, others do not.


These two visitors allowed their life stories to be made into books and movies. This shows that when Hollywood translates visitor histories into screenplays they inevitably get some details wrong.




Some visitors have not yet mastered all of our idioms. When the photographer said “Cheese” these visitors assumed an attack was imminent.
























































All photos in this article by Jim H and are used under Creative Commons License.

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