About NQN

“All great news organizations came from humble beginnings.”

In the case of Not Quite News, we not only came from humble beginnings but we have remained there.  This has given us strength. It has taught us perseverance and determination in the face of seemingly insurmountable odds. Unfortunately, we find these virtues are nice to have, but seriously overrated. Determination is nice, for example, but what we are really looking for  is an unlimited expense account and generous bonuses at the end of the year.

A quality news organization should be based on

  • honest reporting,
  • integrity,
  • impartiality,
  •  and transparency.

While there are thousands of news organizations in the world, we are hard pressed to name two that meet these criteria. Realizing that we don’t have a chance ourselves, we want to make it clear to our readers that we see ourselves realistically. That is why we proclaim proudly that we are not quite a news organization.

Our mission is to provide our readers with:

  • selected coverage of the stories we are interested in
  • through the lens of our peculiar perspective
  • when we feel like it.

We humbly perform this service in the hopes that we can get away with it and someday achieve those year-end bonuses.

– The Staff of NQN


By the way,  if you are wondering where we found the quote about great news organizations and humble beginnings, we just made it up. It looks much more authoritative however when we surround it with quotation marks doesn’t it?

Not Quite News is a wholly disowned subsidiary of NotQuiteProfitable.com.

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