Millennials Sued for Trademark Infringement generation known as Millennials is once again making news with a lawsuit but this time they are the defendants and not the plaintiffs. In 2014 a lawsuit was filed on behalf of the entire generation (see “Millennials File Class Action Claiming Discrimination“). That case ended with an out of court settlement. Sources claim that there were no monetary damages but the issue of cable TV in the basement was resolved to the satisfaction of all parties involved.

This year a lawsuit claiming trademark infringement was filed in the Superior Court of Los Angeles by a manufacturer of umbrellas, rainwear and other items of apparel. The central issue within the lawsuit is the claim that the Millennial generation has been guilty of misuse and misappropriation of the company’s trademark on the word “totes”.

In support of their case, the plaintiffs lawyers have provided the court with a listing of the 500 million tweets from the previous day. All but twelve of the tweets included the word “totes”.

In response, a representative of the defendant generation refused to speak to the court but did immediately text the judge, “OMG. That’s totes redic.”

When asked to elaborate on their strategy for defending their use of “totes” in almost every conversation, the representative simply said “What evs”, followed by a simulated mic drop and “boom.”

The judge is expected to make his decision roughly one minute after the two sides complete their opening arguments.

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