Millennials File Class Action Claiming Discrimination

Occupy Oakland October 11In a potentially groundbreaking case, the generation popularly known as “Millennials” has filed a class action law suit today in federal court. Claiming that as a group they have been unfairly maligned as a result of this labeling. 

As evidence of discrimination against them they cite the Wikipedia article on millennials. In the article there is a comment that as a group they have “a sense of entitlement and narcissism.” The lead attorney for their case, R. Langdon, gave this comment to the press.

If those of us who are called Millennials do have a sense of entitlement it is only because we deserve it.

Mr. Langdon explained that he would be the sole spokesperson for the rest of his generation. The majority of the plaintiff class were not able to communicate in anything greater than 140 characters. Excerpts from his prepared statement follow:

  • The Greatest Generation may have fought in the war of 1812, but what have they done lately to be considered so great? All they did was live to a hundred or so. #nowWhosEntitled?
  • I don’t personally have anything against the Gen X people I know, but why should they have a cool name while we are stuck with a name that most of us can not pronounce or spell? #Generational Branding
  • While in arbitration we were offered the option of returning to being know as “Gen-Y” but it is too late for half measures.

Papers filed with the court show that the group is seeking an unspecified amount of money as compensation and demand that their parents reconnect the cable TV in the basement.


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