Man Reports Saving Thousands on “Amazon Prime Day”

In what appears to be an isolated incident, a man in Illinois has reportedly saved thousands of dollars during the July 12th “Amazon Prime Day”.

Mr. Smith shared with our reporter, “I used this same technique on Black Friday last year, but as it was new to me, I only saved a few hundred.”

He went on to explain his money saving technique in greater detail, “It is so simple I am amazed I did not think of this sooner. I start by clicking on a sale item that looks particularly attractive to me. For example, earlier today I was going through the trending deals and spotted the Blu-ray disk for “Pride + Prejudice + Zombies” selling for 69% off list price. At that discount I was really tempted even though I don’t care for Jane Austen and zombie movies have never appealed to me. Pressure was mounting because the web site said 40% were already claimed and there was only 14 hours, 46 minutes and 44 seconds remaining. After several minutes agonizing over my decision, I finally moved my mouse past the “Add to Cart” button on up to the “x” to close the window. It was that easy to save $19.93! If you add in the tax I did not pay on the purchase I did not make, I saved a bit over $20. I have been doing this all morning and at this point I have saved over $3,453 simply by closing the window each time I considered a purchase. Although each one was a small non-purchase, I have looked at and not purchased a dozen Blu-ray disks so far. That matches perfectly with the Blu-ray player I did not buy last November when it was on sale for a really great price.”

Some economists are concerned and hope this practice does not spread to the general public. Dr. R. Langdon, professor of Economics and Applied Usury at the University of Goldman-Sacks, expressed this view, “As long as this remains a limited aberration, it should not effect the market. Our concern is what would happen if thousands or millions of consumers stopped buying sale items they did not need. Not only would the retailers suffer but think of the impact on waste collection and landfills. These industries are central to the American way of life and careless frugality could put them at risk by reducing demand for their services.”

Ignoring the negative impact he might have on the price of landfill stocks, Mr. Smith celebrated over his latest non-purchase, “I just passed up a great deal on a Curved 70-Inch 4K Ultra HD Smart LED TV that was going for a paltry $1,974. If they had been willing to throw in just a couple of more buzzwords or another acronym, I would have had to buy it but I am going to wait for the next model that will have more features I do not use and cannot understand.”



And yes, we do have the Amazon search box showing in the sidebar but you cannot be accused of being hypocritical if you have no standards in the first place.


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