2016 Primaries an April Fools Joke


Unable to contain their mirth any longer, the heads of the two major political parties broke down today and admitted that the candidates they had “running” in the primary process were all a part of an extended April Fools Day joke. One consultant remarked, “When we started this we thought it might go a day or maybe two but when people continued to buy our ‘candidates’, we decided to see how long we could make it last.”

Smiling broadly and suppressing giggles, representatives of the two parties promised to field their “real candidates” in the coming weeks. One senator stated, “We had a pool running on how long it would take everyone to figure out it was for fun. We ended up giving the money to charity because none of us guessed the joke could go this long.”





Image by DonkeyHotey and used under Creative Commons License

1 comment for “2016 Primaries an April Fools Joke

  1. December 14, 2016 at 9:40 pm

    It appears that the joke is now on us.

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